How to Play

The Sports Pool

Our goal is to make fundraising efficient, engaging and fun for all. Unlike typical sports pools where teams or players are chosen in a draft format, Fanraise sports pools use pre-assigned tickets.

Every ticket comes with a unique combination of 3 teams for each week of the pool. Weekly winners are determined based on the number of points or goals your teams score.

Whether you want to follow the games or not, we will keep track of the scores for you. At the end of each week, our system will automatically total the number of points or goals your teams scored in the games played. The highest scoring ticket each week will win the cash prize!

Our sports pools are based on the major Hockey, Football, Baseball and Basketball leagues in North America and use the actual scores from each game to determine the winners.


  • Must be 19+ years of age to play
  • Must be located in the province where the pool is operating when purchasing a ticket
  • Tickets are non-transferrable and non-refundable

How to Collect Your Prize

Winners will be updated on the pool page after the week's games.



Win any given week of the pool



Winners will be contacted via email


Collect Your Prize

Confirm your ticket to claim your prize