Frequently Asked Questions

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Your ticket will be automatically sent to the email you provided at checkout.

Please make sure to check your spam folder. If you still can't find your ticket please email tickets@fanraise.ca with your name and the name of the organization you purchased the sports pool ticket for.

Tickets purchased are non-transferable and will remain connected to the initial purchaser’s name in our system.

There are currently no refunds available for tickets sold.

Absolutely! You can purchase as many tickets as you like, however, you can only purchase one at a time.

Fanraise is 100% digital! Feel free to print out your PDF ticket if you prefer to have a physical copy.

Weekly winners will be notified by email each week with details on how they will be paid. Winnings will be distributed by the host organization via cheque or electronic transfer.

Prizes are calculated using a dynamic model. As more tickets are sold, the weekly prize pot increases proportionately. Prize amounts will be locked in once ticket sales end.

Results will be updated on the pool page after the Week Ending date. Refer to the details on the Pool page for more information.

We use official game results data to calculate the results each week.

Most non-profit or charitable organizations in BC are eligible to run a Sports Pool Fundraiser!

Net proceeds from ticket sales will go directly into the bank account of the organization running the pool.

Only tickets sold will be considered in the calculation of weekly winners.

Please reach out to our sales team here!

Yes! Sports Pool Fundraisers require a Gaming Event License from the provincial government. Don't worry, our team will guide you through the entire approval process.

Fanraise is currently only supporting British Columbia. We are expanding soon so stay tuned!